Online Event Marketing

Online presence is essential for successful events in today’s competitive event industry.  We offer a full range of online event solutions to help your event get noticed. All these services can be used hand in hand with more traditional event promotion, such as press advertising, leaflets and posters.

Our Novel Approach to Online Event Marketing 

Our history in web design and online marketing comes from an event background. Our founder Zed Lawrence also runs one of the leading event advertising companies in the UK, A-Z Poster Distribution.  They specialise in poster campaigns for touring events all over the UK. The IT department at the poster company noticed massive spikes in the visits to their company website after they put the posters up for events.   

Zed realised this presented a massive opportunity using the power of Facebook Advertising. If a QR code or web address is on the poster, many people will immediately look up the website on their smartphones. A small code is placed on this targeted website called a Facebook Pixel. Then those who clicked on the event’s homepage started being shown constant repetitive Facebook adverts for the event. Of course, we did not invent Facebook Retargeting. But, we did develop this system that links together the paper advertising to drive online promotion. It’s a system that works very well and is very effective.     

Event Advertising In The 21st Century

Here is an article on using QR codes on event posters and Facebook retargeting.

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Facebook Pages & Advertising

We can set up and manage professional Facebook pages. These will be fully optimised to rank high in online searches. We can also manage professional Facebook advertising campaigns for your events. This can be one-off events or full seasonal tours.

Websites For Events

We can build fully optimised feature-rich websites or pages for your events. These can include online ticket sales and event calendars. Locally optimised for each event, different venues are high on search results in appropriate locations. 

Online Ticket Sales

We can set up a fully automated online ticketing system for your events. We have various packages available. All these can be either added to your existing website, or we can build and host it for you on secure and confidential servers.  

Inventive Ideas

Coming from an event background. We fully understand how to create effective online advertising campaigns for events. Our fully managed social media packages will include multiple posts to get shares and likes to raise awareness of your event.

Event Websites

Why not let us build you a Search engine optimised website for your events company?

Great On Any Screen

All our website designs are fully resonsive, this means they look great on any size screen including mobiles.

Fully Optimised

All our event marketing will be fully search engine optimised to rank high. We also pay particular attention to local location based ranking for the events venues

Fast loading

Every website we build for an event will be optimised to load fast. This ensures maximum conversion of ticket sales and interest.



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